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Parents: Meet Policies

Under no circumstance should you, as a parent, enter the competitive floor for any reason! This can distract gymnasts, cause injury, frustrate coaches, and force the officials to take a deduction from our competitors. If there is an injury and you are needed, someone will indicate to you that you may enter. Otherwise, once you pass your child to us at the beginning of the meet, they are OURS until they finish. However hard this may be, please know that it’s in the best interest of your child and that they are in capable hands.

TURN THE FLASH ON YOUR CAMERA OFF!!! LIKEWISE, TURN THE SPOTLIGHT OFF ON YOUR VIDEO CAMERA! I promise…there are judges that will come remove your camera from your hands if your flash is not turned off. TURN THEM OFF!

Remove all jewelry and nail polish BEFORE the meet! Be sure all bra straps and underwear are hidden under the leotard. Cover/remove all tattoos, markings, etc. All of these things are cause for deduction. Gymnasts ARE permitted two total earrings and they must be studs/small posts and not extend below the earlobe. Parent’s tattoos, piercings, bra straps, nail polish, etc. are excluded from this deduction.

Coaches’ Fees will be billed AFTER we return from the meet. It costs money to send the coaches’ to meets, including session fees, hotel rooms, meals, mileage, etc. We strive to be VERY responsible in this area. At the conclusion of the meet, all expenses are accumulated and tallied. They are then divided by the TOTAL NUMBER OF COMPETITORS and billed to each participating athlete’s escrow account. You will be notified of this amount. If your child registers for the meet, but does not end up competing for some reason, you should not be billed coaches’ fees.

Meet registrations are already being sent in based on the “opt-out” forms you submitted. We have no ability to adjust these once they have been sent in. We would PREFER not to change them even before we mail them in. We will begin hanging meet registrations out on the dry erase board. If in doubt…double check!

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE are you permitted to contact the host gym, officials, etc. If you have questions regarding the meet prior to the meet, see the PINNACLE OFFICE! If you have questions regarding scoring, etc., please contact our office when you return to the gym and we will set up a meeting time with you. YOU MAY NOT approach a coach at the meet to question events of the day, as it is their job to get 113 athletes through a successful competition. This is a big responsibility and we take it very seriously. VIOLATION OF THESE POLICIES can result in removal from the Pinnacle Gymnastics TEAM!

If, for any reason, your child is sick or you get lost, please call either AMY or DANA immediately. Call until you SPEAK to one of us! Try texting, but try until you get a response. There are moments that we do not have service in a particular building. It may be to your benefit to program at least one other parent’s phone number into your cell phone. Be sure it’s a parent from your level so that they can contact us, if necessary. Amy’s cell: 330.704.0426. Dana’s: 330.807.7070. Stop reading this right now and program these numbers into your phone. No, really. Stop Reading. Program them in NOW!

Your child must remain with their teammates from general stretch until the END of awards! Yes, you heard it here…the END of AWARDS! Your child’s responsibility to their team begins at the beginning of general stretch and does not end until the LAST AWARD for your child’s session has been handed out. This could be anywhere from 4 – 7 hours. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE LENGTH OF THE MEET OR AWARDS CEREMONIES. This means they stay through all age groups, all levels, and all team awards. Pinnacle Gymnastics operates under the “ask permission, not forgiveness” policy. If you know of a conflict, discuss the possibility of a problem prior to the meet. If you do not take initiative to discuss the issue ahead of time, your child will be sent back to awards as many times as it takes for awards to be finished. We have many athletes in the higher age groups this year and they deserve to have teammates there to cheer for them just as much as our peanuts do. As a parent, I expect you to teach team spirit, camaraderie, and patience. Please lead the way by staying in the competitive arena until ALL athletes from ALL teams have finished competing for the session. Yes, I know you may not get the best seat for the best picture at awards, but the life lessons your children are learning go way beyond that, so join us in teaching your children valuable sportsmanship skills.

Attire is an important part of your child’s competition. All gymnasts must have their hair secured in a ponytail, braid, bun, etc. “Secure” is the key word! We don’t necessarily care HOW you secure it, but it must be secure. We don’t require buns or French braids or anything specific, but it must be securely out of your child’s face. Did I mention it must be secure?? You do not want to leave it up to John, Jordan, Garth, Brian, or Phil to fix ponytails during a meet. AquaNet is still the concrete hairspray of choice for styles that do not need to move for extended periods of time. Because of the size of our team and the size of the meets we attend, most competitions will be “Capital Cup”, meaning the gymnasts will complete approximately 30 minutes of “general stretch” and then begin warming up and then immediately competing one event at a time. In this case, all gymnasts should arrive at the competition in their jacket, pants, and LONG-SLEEVED leotard, with their bag on their shoulder. In the case of a “TRADITIONAL” competition, the gymnasts will arrive in their sleeveless leotard. In this case, the gymnasts will complete a 30 minute general stretch, then warm-up all 4 pieces of equipment, sprint to the bathroom where they will complete a Superman-like quick-change into their long-sleeved leotard and return to the competitive arena composed and fully dressed. Parent support is welcomed in this circumstance. Your gymnast will take their bag and belongings to the competitive floor, place all belongings inside their bags, and are self-sufficient throughout the meet. Please pack a bottle of water/gatorade with a screw-on lid and a few snacks in their bag. While we cannot promise that they’ll have time to eat, we try. Likewise, you CAN promise to feed your child before they enter the competitive arena. IN ANY CASE, your athlete’s other team leotard should be placed INSIDE a Ziploc bag INSIDE their gym bag. At the completion of the actual competition, the athletes will put their jacket and pants back on for awards. Gymnasts MUST be in team uniform for awards! They may not have suckers, candy, food, etc. during awards. LABEL ALL UNIFORM PIECES WITH ATHLETE’S NAME!!!!!

If you have questions/concerns, please see Dana, Donna, Amy.

Pinnacle Gymnastics prides itself on being the team that people compliment not only for performance, but also for attitude! PARENTS FROM OTHER PROGRAMS have followed coaches into bathrooms to compliment our kids on team spirit, sportsmanship, and overall attitude. This is a huge source of pride for us! Please remember, at all times, that you’re wearing the team colors (gymnasts AND parents) and you should wear them with pride. Keep in mind that other parents are proud of their athletes, as well, and you can never predict who is sitting near you in the stands. Always be aware of your actions and your words, as it directly reflects on the program, yourself, and your child. WE WANT to be the team that people WANT TO BE like. We set our standards high. Let’s keep that PINNACLE PRIDE shining bright again this year!!

Please know that whether you’ve actually read this whole thing or not, you are responsible for the information contained herein. If you have a friend who is not a good reader, please read this to them. If you have a friend that you know won’t read this, please share the cliff notes with them. There may be a pop quiz over this information at random times…be prepared!