Membership Policy

Membership Policy

Pinnacle Gymnastics asks that you call to find availability of classes. New classes are added as available classes are filled. You are invited to enjoy a trial class with no commitment. Upon registering for classes, a membership fee is required. This membership fee allows you the ability to register in any Pinnacle Gymnastics classes and participate in all Pinnacle Gymnastics functions at the member rate. It also allows you a discount on Pinnacle Gymnastics birthday parties. All class participants MUST be Pinnacle Gymnastics Members and membership must be paid upon commitment to the program.

Membership Rates:

  • One Child: $35.00
  • Family: $60.00

Sales Tax must be applied to all membership fees.

Membership fees are due September 1st and will be prorated monthly for members joining after that date. This membership is used to offset expenses incurred on children registering for our programs.