Preschool Gymnastics

We Provide A Fun, Motivating And

Positive Environment

To Help Develop Confidence, Self-Esteem, And Healthy Bodies

Through The Exciting Sport Of Gymnastics.

Our Preschool Gymnastics Classes!

Something For everyone!

Parent & Child

Bond & Bend!

Parent/child classes are designed for 15-month to 3-year-old children.

The co-ed class is focused on developing gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and basic gymnastics skills with parent interaction and participation. Parents are expected to remain on the floor and participate in the guidance and exploration.

Details: 45 mins - once a week

Preschool and Advanced Preschool

Learn foundational skills for life!

Preschool classes are designed for children ages 3-5 who want to develop basic gross motor coordination, strength, balance, and basic gymnastics skills. These children will participate in small group classes independent of their adults while learning how to wait turns, follow directions, and build character to last a lifetime!

Advanced Preschool classes are designed for children ages 4-5 who are ready to continue their development. These classes begin to fill the gap between basic motor skills and progressive gymnastics while continuing in a developmentally-appropriate setting.

Details: 45 minutes - once a week

Preschool Gymnastics

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We Help Kids Become the Best Version of Themselves

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