Tumbling Classes

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Our Tumbling Classes

Learn to flip and fly!

Beginner Tumbling Class

Start from the beginning!

For the 5 to 8-year-old athlete who wants to develop basic tumbling skills such as handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, backbends, kickovers, progressions towards front and back handsprings, and so much more!

This program is offered on a "drop in" basis, allowing you to purchase a package of tumbling classes. With multiple class times per week, you choose the schedule that works best for you! Classes are 55 minutes long.

Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling Class

Step Up Your Skills

Intermediate Tumbling

For athletes 8 - 18 years old who want to focus strictly on tumbling skills. Beginner skills up through back handsprings will be the focus in this class, as well as foundational skills for tumbling sequences.

Advanced Tumbling

For athletes 8 - 18 years old who have already obtained an independent standing back handspring, this class will continue to perfect your back handspring while adding additional skills.

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